Learn to Read 1K (ltr1k) is a free and easy-to-use online interactive flash cards program with the goal to help young readers become familiar and learn to read 1,000 of the most common english words. The program eases young readers into longer and more difficult words gradually, and keeps track of words that should be revisited (or not).

The program has two modes available; Manual Mode and Automatic Mode.

  • Manual Mode: An instructor (a real person, like a parent) operates the computer while the student reads the cards. The instructor scores the answers by clicking the "YES" or "NO" buttons (or using the keyboard hotkeys).
  • Automatic Mode (experimental): An automated instructor listens to the student say the card words, and scores them automatically. If the student gets an incorrect answer, the automated instructor will speak the correct word and provide an example sentence. This mode requires speakers, a microphone (e.g., a headset) and the Google Chrome browser, version 61 or higher. [Check My Browser]

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